1493-1501 Lavista Rezoning

LLCC weighs in on the 1493-1501 Lavista Rezoning after review of neighborhood planning studies.  LLCC looks to the Blueprints study that included this Lavista Rd corridor area.  The recommendations from the Blueprints report range from the impossible to the possible.  One of the recommendations from that study envisioned a nature trail connection at approximately this location.

We believe a pedestrian connection oriented as a school walking route connection is beneficial after the recent work to extend the sidewalk on the south side of Lavista from Woodland to Shepherd.

It’s very common already in other intown neighborhoods to have these more direct walking paths to the neighborhood school that may or may not be documented right of way or easements.  LLCC is negotiating with the applicant to incorporate a pedestrian easement here to facilitate a Safe Walking Route connection to Briar Vista Elementary School from Lavista Rd to Franklin Cir.  Discussions are also underway with the property owners on the Franklin Cir side in attempts to fully implement this connection.

Additional information about the proposal can be found on the WHNA website: https://woodlandhillsatlanta.org/2022/02/18/1493-1501-lavista-rezoning/ and on the Dekalb County planning website: https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/planning-and-sustainability/public-hearing-agendas-info