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Pedestrian safety success story

Henry Batten

Henry R. Batten, LLCC President & CEO

by Henry Batten, LLCC President

I was giving an LLCC update at a recent Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association meeting when
a resident mentioned that the crosswalk signals at the Lindbergh/LaVista/Cheshire Bridge intersection were still missing/not working. I said I had contacted the City of Atlanta several times since September, got the usual run-around and was told, “we don’t have enough funding to fix the problem”. After the meeting, I tried one more time, but this time I went to the media: John Becker, who writes the Take to Task feature for the AJC. John published the complaint on March 5 and a follow-up article March 12. Click here to read it and find out the result!

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LLCC Night at Nino’s

13 neighbors and 24 Nino’s regulars enjoyed the delicious food and relaxing atmosphere at our latest LLCC Night at Nino’s Italian Restaurant March 8. Helen & Tony Noviello, owners and LaVista Park residents, graciously donated 10% of the evening’s gross to LLCC. We hope to continue our LLCC Night program in the coming year with other fine eateries in our community.

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Come to LLCC’s Electronics Recycling Event May 2! – Spring Cleaning Part 2


Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall
Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall

by Harriet Hoskyns-Abrahall  

Do you have old electronics hanging around the house? LLCC is organizing a recycling event on Sunday afternoon, May 2nd, 2:00 – 4:30 pm, to help you protect the planet and get rid of them painlessly at no, or the least possible, cost. Proceeds will benefit Tommy Nobis Center (TNC) in Marietta, which employs people with disabilities to dismantle the equipment for recycling so that nothing goes to waste. You will be given a blank receipt to complete for tax purposes.  

Free pastries and soft drinks will be served at the event, and there will be a clown and balloons for the kids. Come and meet your neighbors – and your tri-neighbors!  

Drop off location:
We will be collecting these items in a U-Haul truck in the parking lot of Peachtree Baptist Church at the intersection of Briarcliff Road and LaVista Road (parking lot entrance on LaVista Road). You will be given a blank receipt to complete for tax purposes).  

There’s no charge to drop off:
Cell phones, telephones, computers, CPUs, stereos, toasters, laptops, copiers, printers, VCRs, alarm clocks, remote controls, MP3 players, disk drives, can openers, camcorders, floppy drives, speakers, cameras, modems, mice(!), CD players, fax machines, game systems – we could go on!  

$5 EPA charge to drop off:
TVs with a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), CRT computer Monitors. Both these have a $5 charge per CRT. We ask that you bring a check made out to TNC for us to pass on.  

Volunteers needed!  

This LLCC endeavor is part of the Spring Clean-up Initiative led by Sarah Hailey. Ricky Ram and I are also on the committee. Volunteers are needed to check in equipment, load the truck for TNC and serve cookies and drinks. All these jobs are great ways to meet your neighbors, too. We will not say no to passing trade! To sign up or ask questions, e-mail me at

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LLCC Community Garden at Zonolite Park

Sally Sears

Sally Sears, South Fork Conservancy

By Sally Sears, South Fork Conservancy

Federal inspectors combed the land at DeKalb’s Zonolite Park, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, where LLCC hopes to build a community garden. The lead investigator, Leonardo Ceron, told me they are looking for asbestos clinging to the dirt in the flood plain – particles which, if airborne, could cause significant health problems.

The land on the South Fork of Peachtree Creek was an industrial site for decades. Extensive testing in the years of county ownership since 1988 led to asbestos removal in equipment and buildings there. Now Environmental Protection Agency scientists are looking for contamination lingering in the dirt. Test results from 40 sites along the creek and behind the railroad spur are expected by the end of June. If enough hazardous asbestos is found, Mr. Ceron said federal Superfund dollars could be used to clean the site. That could allow the garden project to move forward.

Community Garden supporters are encouraged that the testing could resolve final questions about the safety of the dirt at Zonolite Park. More information on the EPA website at

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Grant Writing Update

Anne Chance

Anne Chance, Grant Writer - byChance Consulting

by Ann Chance

The grant-writing group met January 11 to hear an overview of the grant writing process and discuss priorities for funding. It was decided that the first priority was the GIS and agreed that I would focus on that and researching funding for the strategic plan, while assisting with other grant writing. A preliminary list of possible funders was shared and members of the group were asked to choose and research one or more. We set up a free file sharing account on for grant-writing information and sharing. So far, a grant has been submitted for the creek restoration and a letter of inquiry submitted to pursue GIS funding. We are now preparing to apply for three more grants, one for operational expenses, one for a wildlife layer of the GIS and one for community advocacy. I will be working with members of the grant-writing group to pursue additional grants and to continue to build a library of grant narratives. I applaud the individual efforts that have already been made in researching the viability of potential grants.

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Cleaning the Corridor – Spring Cleaning Part 1

Sarah Hailey

Saray Hailey, LLCC Adopt-a-Highway Program Coordinator

by Sarah Hailey, LLCC Adopt-a-Highway Program Coordinator  

Volunteer for the next Adopt A Highway cleanup event on April 10! Join us at ChocoLaté at 9:00 am for coffee and pastry before splitting into groups to pick up trash along the corridor. We’re usually done by 11:00 am, so this is a quick, easy way to do something good for the environment and give back to the community. Remember to bring gloves and durable shoes.  

SAVE THE DATE: Mark your calendar to volunteer for the Adopt-A-Highway program each month. The next three cleanup events will be 9:00-11:00 am May 15, June 12 and July 10.  

DO YOU HAVE A TRUCK? We need a truck at each session to take the trash bags to the DOT pickup site in front of Publix. Email me at if you’d like to sign up to help at any of the next four sessions.  


ChocoLaté Coffee - Adopt-a-Highway Sponsor

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South Fork – Peachtree Creek workday Apr. 17

Robert Rule

Robert Rule, South Fork Project Coordinator

by Robert Rule

LLCC is partnering with the South Fork Conservancy to clean up areas along the South Fork of Peachtree Creek. Our first major workday will be April 17th. We will be cleaning up trash and removing invasive plants – NOT clearing new trails – on City of Atlanta Watershed Management easement adjacent to Lindridge Martin Manor. Several Boy Scout and Cub Scout units will participate. Volunteers and groups are welcome! For information contact me, LLCC South Fork Project Coordinator, at

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